How it Works?

Blocklite allows you to choose your level of decentralization, allowing you to get speeds of below 1 second when using Blocklite's On-Net Nodes.

Register X-Wallet Account

Download Blocklite X-Wallet for your device and register with our simple registration form.

Top Up Your Account

Top up your account by importing BTC, ETH, USDT or by fiat deposit at one of our 30k partners worldwide.


Blocklite allows you to request or transfer funds, pay vendors, shop on the VeoShop ecosystem and trade.

Create Syths of Virtually Any Coin


You can move your entire wallet on the Blocklite Chain by parking them in our pooled accounts and pairing them to a Blocklite Synth. Blocklite transactions are lightning fast and cheap, you can then trade your synths at will on the Blocklite Ecosystem. Payments Off-Net will burn the minted synth and send the original coin on the original chain.

Whatsapp Trades & Payments

Request or Send Payments & Trades Through Whatsapp Messages

It's simple, intuitive and super easy to use. Send a trade of payment request through whatsapp messages and move trades in seconds.

Direct Swap Trades

The Blocklite X-Wallet allows users to create their own trades regardless of current prices. Simply chose the tokens you wish to trade and create an offer (For Example: 1 BTC for 13 ETH).

Offers are submitted to third parties through a Linx (Blocklite Hash), a QR code or a direct whatsapp message. Once your party approves your offer, the trade is executed instantly. Since Blocklite uses Synths for Off-Chain tokens, swaps are instant and super cheap.

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Learn From the Creators

Blocklite X-Wallet offers a series of youtube tutorials that explain everything from how Blocklite works to simple things like how to mint synths paired to digital off-chain assets and trade, how to submit public offerings on the X-change or private swaps.

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Is Blocklite a Decentralized Network?

Blocklite is considered to be a Decentralized Network. Although its core calculation engine is centralized, the engine submits each transaction for audit by a community of nodes. Where Blocklite is revolutionaty is that it allows users to decide the type of nodes and how many of each they want to use for each of their accounts.

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Improved Security & Privacy at X-Wallet

The Blocklite X-Wallet uses twice the military grade encryption standard offering a whopping 512 bits of AES Encryption. Our anti social engineering and click bait procedures are unmatched and have proven 100% effective over time. X-Wallet has never been hacked.

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